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     Are you trying to learn Spanish?  If so, you know that learning a foreign language  can be tough thing to do.  Luckily, learning Spanish is mostly memorization.  English and Spanish are very close in structure that the main issue is learning the words.  So what do schools do?  They teach you to repeat the words over and over and over until you memorize them.  This app takes a majority of the most common words and phrases and let's you do just that.  These are specially designed flash cards to speed up your rate of learning.  They are broken off into groups to make it a lot easier.  Take this app with you anywhere on a laptop or cell phone.  If you have a few minutes to spare (on the train, on a bus, at a doctor's office or during a television commercial break), then practice off a few phrases.  Use your wasted time to learn the basics of Spanish.  In a short time, you too can have it down.

     Version 1.00 has the following sections.  More will be added in future updates:

      BASIC:  Adjectives -o -a -os -as, Adjective Unisex, Adverbs, Adverbs Multi-Word, Adverbs + de, Alphabet, Pronouns, Pronunciation & Questions.

      MISC.:  Colors, Communication, Days of the Week, Expressions, False Spanglish, Greetings, Household Things, Key Words, Months of the Year & Seasons, Precious Stones, Spanglish & Special Occasions.

      VERBS:  Action Verbs, Non-Action Verbs, -ar, -ar Irregular, -arse, -arse Irregular, -er, -er Irregular, -erse, -ir, -ir Irregular, & -irse.


     - There are 2 main pronunciations of some Spanish words:  'Spain Spanish' and 'Latin-American Spanish'.  The difference happens when there are two vowels together such as, "Puerto".  In Spain, each vowel is pronounced seperately like "Pu" and then "er"  However, in Latin-America they add a "W" before the vowels and then sler the two vowels together forming a singular vowel like "Pwer".  Version 1.00 has the 'Spain Spanish' version.  Usually, if you take Spanish in a school, they will teach the true 'Spain Spanish' version.  It's easier to learn.  In a future update we may add both versions.


     - This app is part of the "Study Whatty" series.  By using it's engine there is the possibility of adding other games like trivia, word games, match games and more.  You can look at the "Study Whatty: Poker Drills" app we did for some of the other games that the engine supports.  The price is reduced now as it's just flash cards, but if there other games do get added, then the price will go up.  By getting the app now, you are entitled to future updates. 


Gameplay Footage




      SlifkerGames' "Study Whatty:  Spanish to English - FLASH CARDS" version 2.00 is now live on the Google Play Store (Android).  This fixes issues that made it non-compliant with some of the recent Play Store guidelines.  The reason is that they constantly change things, so developers must keep constaltly change things too.  Unfortunately, this also means that your saved data is no longer good.  You will have to delete your saved data on your Android device.  Then, you could also delete the app, redownload the app and reinstall the app just to be safe.  Sorry about that.

      If using Android 13 (other versions may be slightly different), click on 'settings' (that is the gear icon at the top of screen), click on 'apps', click on the name of the game, click on 'storage', click on 'clear cache', click on 'clear data', click on 'storage' at the top of the screen to go back one screen, click on 'uninstall'.  Then if you want, redownload and reinstall the game.  Finally, follow the instructions that come next.  Your 'pro store' should look like picture D when all is done and good.


     To see if your app's data is good or bad, do this.  From the main menu, click on the 'pro store' button.  Picture A.

A) 'Pro Store' Button (From Main Menu of Any of Our Apps.)

IAP-Pro Store


      Next, when inside the app's 'pro store', see which of the following three pictures it looks like:  picture B, C or D.  If it looks like picture D, then you are good.

B) Old IAP 'Pro Store' (You Must Now Delete Data and Reinstall App.)

(You have old version of the app and data is bad.)



C) New IAP 'Pro Store' (You Must Now Delete Data and Reinstall App.)

(You have new version of app but data is bad.  The 'restore' button is not shown.)

IAP-No Restore Bar


D) New IAP 'Pro Store' (This is what it should look like.)

(You have the new version of the app and the data is good.)



      If your 'pro store' looks like picture B, then that is the old 'pro store'.  It also means you have an old version of the app.  You will need to follow the instructions to clear out any data on the Android device.  Note, this will also delete any saved games.  Sorry about that.

      If your 'pro store' looks like the picture C, then you have the updated app version.  However, the 'pro store' button doesn't do anything after clicking on it and the 'restore' bar is not there.  You will need to follow the instructions to clear out any data on the Android device.  Note, this will also delete any saved games.  Sorry about that.

      If your 'pro store' looks like the picture D, then you are good.  You want your 'pro store' to look like the picture with the two bars.


      If you have previously purchased the app, then the 'sold' tag will be shown and the price should not be shown.

      Clicking on the 'restore' button will re-ping the server to see if you own the app or not. You could do that if you have purchased the app, but it does not indicate it.  Any other times it will appear to do nothing because it has alrady verified that the information was already correct.  Some apps will show this option and others won't.  It used to be a requirement from the stores to show this, but now it's mostly an option.  I am choosing to include the 'restore' button just in case, but really it is not needed anymore.  The information gets pinged regardless.


      The minimum API to run the game is now Android 10.

      I will get the other non-android versions of the game to the other stores soon.


      SlifkerGames' "Study Whatty: Spanish to English - FLASH CARDS" version 1.50 is now live on the Microsoft Store (UWP).  There was a minor update fix to allow Windows ARM devices to play it.  Nothing else changed.


      "Study Whatty:  Spanish to English - FLASH CARDS" version 1.40 was uploaded to the Google Play Store (Android/Chrome) and Microsoft Store (UWP).  Be sure to check it out for help learning the English versions of Spanish words.


      "Study Whatty:  Spanish to English - FLASH CARDS" version 1.10 was uploaded to the Google Play Store (Android) and Microsoft Store (UWP Windows 10).  This fixed a bug where you could "see through" the background messing up the game.  It is now fixed.


      So right on cue, Microsoft rejected the app just before 9AM on Monday.  After looking at the report, I found that the name for some app icons were shown as "Poker Drills".  I guess this is leftover from the Study Whatty template that I used.  I just forgot to change it (There are a lot of settings.  I mean a crapload of settings.).  So after changing it, I resubmitted the app.  The Microsoft Store is a pain in the butt to get something published, but they find most everything.  They actually go through the apps and do a lot of checking to find those little things.  That is a good thing. 

      BTW:  If you look at the below screenshot, you will see many numbers like 100, 125, 140....  These are the different icons that have to created in PhotoShop at different screen resolutions.  When you add them up from all of the different platforms, they number around 100.  That's a lot of extra work that the user never even thinks about.


The app was rejected because I had the wrong "Short name".



Microsoft Store Rejection letter.




      The Google Play Store accepted the rating and it is now live.  This only took 3-4 hours to reverse (I'm not sure how to calculate this as daylight savings just fell back 1 hour right before I was notified of it going live).  So no biggie.  Now we are awaiting on the Microsoft Store to do the same thing (although they seem to not to do these things on the weekend.  Probably Monday).


      "Study Whatty:  Spanish to English - Flash Cards" was uploaded to the Google Play Store (Android) and Microsoft Store (UWP Windows 10). 

      - We are awaiting on the Microsoft Store to verify and accept it.  They usually do not do that on the weekends so maybe on Monday it'll go live.  They have a very long process but that is a good thing.  They check the UWP apps for viruses and compatibility issues.  They even have real humans test these apps out.  I know this because they rejected the JJJ-JP-PSP app and even sent me a minute long video showing what the issue was.  I was able to quickly fix it and resubmit.

      -To show you what we go through as developers, below is an E-Mail from the Google Play Store rejecting the app.  The reason they give is that it has offensive language like profanity.  I wrote the app, entered all of the content and that's news to me!  Of course that was just an automated response.  Play Store usually has new apps go live in 2-4 hours with very little input.  Now, the flash cards in the app are just basic words and phrases.  There is nothing special in there and no foul language.  I did appeal the decision.  Who knows how long until they sort it out?  Once a real human tests it out, I'm sure it'll pass their standards and go live.  I'll update it here when that happens.



Alphabet Google Android:
 - Android 10+ (Quince Tart) (API 29+).
 - ARM or ARM64.
 - OpenGL ES2.0+, OpenGL ES3.0+, Vulkan.
 - 1GB+ RAM.

Alphabet Chrome OS:
 - Most Chromebook models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android or Chrome apps.
 - There are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps natively as well.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
 - Apple iOS 12.0+.
 - Metal graphics.

Apple Macintosh:
 - macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra)
 - Apple Silicon, x64 with SSE2.
 - Metal capable Intel & AMD GPUs.

 - Ubuntu 20.04+, Ubunti 18.04, CentOS 7 or Steam OS.
 - x64 with SSE instruction set.
 - OpenGL 3.2+, Vulkan capable.

Microsoft Windows (EXE):
- Window 7 (SP1+) +.
- x86, x64 with SSE2 instruction set.
- DX10, DX11 or DX12.
- This will work on Windows operating systems after Windows 7 (Windows 10 & 11).

Microsoft Windows 10/11 (UWP):
- Windows 10 or Windows 11.
 - x86, x64 with SSE2 or ARM, ARM64.
 - DX10, DX11 or DX12 GPUs.
 - This version will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10 (See .exe).

Windows 10/11 (Linux):
- Newer build versions of Windows 10 can run Linux apps but may require addtional setup first (WSL).
 - Windows 11 can run Linux apps (WSL) and Android apps but may require additional setup first (App Store).
 - "Windows Subsystem for Linux" (WSL) is available on the Windows Store.
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