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Origins of Maxtheria
Old-School prequel to "Jumgles of Maxtheria".

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Main Menu (English)

Origins of Maxthera - 1


Stand On Top of Crocodiles

Origins of Maxthera - 2


Avoid the Hazards

Origins of Maxtheria - 3


Find the Lost Treasure

Origins of Maxtheria - 4


Don't Get Burned

Origins of Maxtheria - 5


Scorpions Lerk Under the Ground

Origins of Maxtheria - 6


Avoid the Baddies

Origins of Maxtheria - 7


Player Preferences (Saved Games)

Origins of Maxtheria - 8


Touch Screen Setttings

Origins of Maxtheria - 9


Start Menu

Origins of Maxtheria - 10


      Activision's "Pitfall!" never looked so good. In this old school prequel to "Jungles of Maxtheria", you traverse the jungles looking for all 32 pieces of the lost treasure. Avoid the pitfalls such as: logs, fire pits, quicksand, tar pits, snakes and crocodiles. Jump over the baddies or use the vines to swing over them. Go deep underground looking for shortcuts but beware the deadly scorpions. This 2D side-swiping adventure is a must for anyone who loved the simpler days of Atari.

     All 256 screens, baddies, vines and pitfalls are included here. With no time-limit, you can take your sweet time exploring the massively huge world. Once done, you can replay the game at a later date and try to beat the saved high score. There's even the new "How Far Bar" at the top of the screen to map your location. Choose between a modern controller, keyboard/mouse or touchscreen. It's all there from before and a lot more.


"Origins of Maxtheria" (Trailer)



"Origins of Maxtheria" (Gameplay)





      - SlifkerGames' "Origins of Maxtheria" version 1.05 is now live on the Play Store.  However, the touch screen input does not work as planned.  It works fine using a keyboard/mouse or a controller, but not touchscreen.  We are looking to redo the touchscreen part altogther.  It works, but not that well anyore.  It's a long story but it has to do with changes in how input is accepted.  We'll have an update to it soon.


      - posted a review of "Origins of Maxtheria" on their website.  They say, "Origins of Maxtheria is an unforgetable emotion, experience, as well as a complete immersion in the actions taking place in the game.".  Their article's name is, "Origins of Maxtheria App Review".  Origins of Maxtheria App Review - Apps Like These. Best Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows PC

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     - SlifkerGames' "Origins of Maxtheria" is now available on the Microsoft Store (Windows UWP) and Google Play Store (Android/Chrome) for your gaming pleasure.


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 - Ubuntu 20.04+, Ubunti 18.04, CentOS 7 or Steam OS.
 - x64 with SSE instruction set.
 - OpenGL 3.2+, Vulkan capable.

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- DX10, DX11 or DX12.
- This will work on Windows operating systems after Windows 7 (Windows 10 & 11).

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